St Michaels 1999
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The Liberal Catholic - Tri-annual magazine of The Liberal Catholic Church
ISSN 0023-1792 - internet site:
Volume LXVII, No. 2 - St Michael & All Angels 1999

Amen; blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving
and honour and power and might,
be unto our God, for ever and ever


The Completed Eucharistic Form as pictured in C.W. Leadbeater’s book, The Science of the Sacraments

Quote from the Communio of the Holy Eucharist


Editorial  Rev. M.F. van Alphen

Official Notices

A Confession  Most Rev. J.C. van Alphen

Cosmic Energy and the Rainbow Bridge through the Chakras   Rev. F.G. Evelein

The Ordination of Women and the Meaning of "Liberal" in the L.C.C.  Rev. R. Ellwood

Official Notice: The 12th General Episcopal Synod

Ceremonial Roles  Rev. M.F. van Alphen

Never, Now or Not Yet  T.W. Haney

Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachtani  R. Robinson

World News

Closing date copy Christmas 1999 issue: 6 December 1999

  Executive Editor: M.F. van Alphen


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