Advent 1998
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The Liberal Catholic - Tri-annual magazine of The Liberal Catholic Church
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Volume LXVI, No. 3 - Advent 1998

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For by the mystery of the Word made flesh
the light of thy glory hath shone anew
upon the eyes of our mind
and our hearts are filled with love and holy joy.

Image: The Miracle of Birth by E. Quail, as described by Geoffrey Hodson
Quote from the Preface for Christmas day


Editorial  Rev. M.F. van Alphen
Healing  Most Rev. J.C. van Alphen
God’s Christmas Tree  Dahl
New Correspondent for U.S.A.
GES-12 in 2000
From the Presiding Bishop
The Miracle of Birth and the World Mother  Rev. G. Hodson
Man, the Little Town of Bethlehem  Rt. Rev. I.K. Zaney
The Angels and the Eucharistic Tradition  Rt. Rev. M.H.J.G. Warnon
A Consecration in Australia  Rt. Rev. I.R. Hooker
Christmas, a Feast of Light  Dr. J. Algeo
Melchizedek  A.L. Coburn

Closing date copy Easter 1999 issue: 28 February 1999

Executive Editor: M.F. van Alphen


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