Pilgrim’s Paradox
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Pilgrim’s Paradox
C.P. Mugleston, Great Britain

Who Is - Our Being
Beyond all being
Holy art Thou
I Am

Beauty, the Good and Truth bestow
Above, Within, Without, Below
Grant us Thy Power, Wisdom, Love
Perfect our image - Perfect Dove

Now - Three in One
Now - One in Three
Now - All in All
I am set free

Notes by the author: "Pilgrim’s Paradox" or "The One" came together after reading Meister Eckhart’s sermon "On Detachment": "But now I ask: What is the prayer of the detached heart....? Its prayer is nothing else than to be uniform with God."

In the spirit of The Lord’s Prayer, it embodies the Call to Lordship and Service - to Behold the Integral Vision, thereby becoming Full Members of the Universal Order.


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