The Liberal Catholic

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The Liberal Catholic
ISSN 0023-1792

Tri-annual magazine of The Liberal Catholic Church.

The Liberal Catholic appeared three times a year, but is no longer published on the internet. The issues published here (December 1997 - September 2000) remain here as source material.

As regards the issues published here, The Liberal Catholic was published under the direction of the Presiding Bishop, The Most Reverend Johannes van Alphen (up to April 2000) and The Most Reverend Ian Hooker (after April 2000), on behalf of the General Episcopal Synod of the Liberal Catholic Church. Contributors are free to express their opinions and beliefs for which they remain fully responsible, which freedom and responsibility also applies to the writers of editorial matter. The Liberal Catholic Church is responsible only for statements or information marked Official. Copyright of all material published remains with the original authors thereof.


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