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Guidelines for Authors

This document is intended to give basic guidelines for authors wishing to submit articles for publication in the Esoteric Christianity E-Magazine. It is by no means definitive or exhaustive, but is merely intended to give working parameters.

1)                   As a general introduction, the following statement, also published on the web site, is apropos: “The Esoteric Christianity E-Magazine is a private, non-profit, electronic publishing initiative with the aim to disseminate articles on Christian esotericism, theosophy, gnosis, ancient wisdom or whatever label one may choose to describe articles where the emphasis is on the inner meaning of Christian tradition and thought. Articles are submitted to an editor, who considers the suitability of the material presented. Approved articles are published on this web site as and when they are available. Authors are not paid for their material, nor is a subscription levied on the readers.

2)                  As regards the length of the article, this is entirely up to the author. Being an on-line magazine, space is not a limiting factor. However, it is generally wise not to make articles too long – normally any length up to about 3000 to 5000 words should be regarded as the maximum. Articles are not rejected or accepted on the basis of their length.

3)                  As regards content, articles should contain two important aspects, “Esoteric” and “Christianity”. The word “Esoteric” in its simplest rendering means “hidden”, in other words the magazine is not interested in dealing with literal interpretations of the Bible or Christian tradition but is interested in the underlying wisdom portrayed by the symbolism they depict. It is by no means limited to a specific system of esotericism as propagated by any particular organization. In other words, in the eyes of the Editorial Board, the emphasis in the article must be on the hidden side of Christian tradition, thought, etc, meant in its broadest sense. The Editor need not be in agreement with your point of view.

4)                  As regards style, articles are published in English. We recognize the fact that there are grammatical differences between the various forms of English (the two most common forms being UK English and US English) and expect that authors express their views using proper grammar according to the form they employ. However, perfect grammar sometimes cramps style. The emphasis is therefore on the views being expressed coming across as clearly as possible; using grammatical rules as far as is practicable. That is, style is not to be a slave of grammar.

5)                  The tone of the article should be positive. By all means disagree with a point made by any author, whether published in this magazine or elsewhere, but recognize the freedom of thought that is also afforded to you. Also do not “belabour the point” – constant repetition does not add weight to the argument.

6)                  References may be included in your articles, as may notes where a digression would break the flow of the article. Articles need not be in the format of scientific papers. Articles will not be rejected or accepted on the basis of the presence or absence of references or bibliography. The system of referencing to be used is dependant on your own preferences – again, clarity is the primary objective.

 The procedure for submission and publication is as follows:

1)                  The author submits an article, preferably by e-mail. Documents may be in Word or in plain text format.

2)                  The submission is given a first screening. The question is "content?" - that is, does it fall under the heading "Esoteric Christianity", does it make sense, is it likely to add to the understanding of the subject by the reader, is it written "positively". If there are any obvious (content) errors, these are pointed out to the author who may choose whether or not to correct these. Even though this first screening is subjective, the chance of a good article being rejected for subjective reasons is small: The editor does not need to agree with what the author says - there simply must be freedom of thought - the question is more "does it make a useful contribution?"

3)                  A second screening concerning style is then applied. The article must be readable. This does not mean that the editor forces articles into a straightjacket of perfect grammar, but means that suggestions are made to the author as to where he or she might use a different word or different sentence construction so that the point being made comes across more clearly. This step is especially important when articles from non-native English speakers are submitted. These suggestions are then given to the author who may or may not apply them.

4)                  As an indication, a period of one month is the usual duration of the screening and updating process.

5)                  When the Editor is satisfied that the article is qualitative and makes a contribution, it is published.


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Disclaimer: Contributors are free to express their opinions and beliefs for which they remain fully responsible. Such freedom and responsibility also applies to the writers of editorial matter. The owners of this web site are not responsible for the accuracy of any information or statement contained therein. Copyright  of all material published remains with the original authors thereof.

All sincere submissions are welcome and may be submitted by e-mail to the Executive Editor. Only suitable articles, at the discretion of the Editor, will be published.

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